Just as Cheyenne has mapped out and created Cheyenne’s Tree Inventory, we must do the same for our downtown, commercial and residential neighborhoods. 

I will create a “Fight the Blight Task Force” comprised of volunteers in the real-estate, title company, developers, and legal professions to establish an inventory of vacant and abandoned buildings and identifying which of our buildings are at risk or endangered so we can avoid the situation we find ourselves in today with the cornerstones of our community literally rotting away.

I will work with City Council to create an enforceable code, one that encourages growth with less red tape, and holds absentee owners, those economic squatters, accountable. 

I will work with our Secretary of State and State Legislators to find ways to deter outside domestic and foreign companies that have no intention of filling our empty store fronts, but rather simply use us our prime properties as their tax shelter.

This task force will work directly with the Laramie County Realtor’s Association, Chamber of Commerce, Leads, the Wyoming Business Council and others to find data-driven solutions to addressing our vacant, abandoned, and endangered buildings. 

As we work to bring in new businesses, we must not forget what I call our “Legacy” businesses, those Cheyenne businesses that have been a part of our community for over 20 years. Being able to move into the future means listening to past.  I will be Cheyenne business owner’s biggest advocate.