Screenshot of Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr at a press conference announcing her appointment of Brian Kozak as Chief of Police.

In her first official move as Cheyenne’s mayor-elect, Marian Orr reappointed Brian Kozak as Chief of Police.

Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak is here to stay. Good evening, I’m Tiffany Logan. Thanks for joining us.

Mayor-Elect Marian Orr made that announcement while at the Cheyenne Police Department this afternoon.

“We need to keep Chief Kozak and I’m very proud that he is the first appointment that I’m announcing.”

Chief Kozak has been the police chief in Cheyenne since 2010. Mayor-Elect Orr says she would like him to continue his role for many reasons including his participation in reducing DUI-related crashes by 50 percent and increasing community involvement.

Chief Kozak claims these accomplishments come from the police department working together as a team.

“I’m very excited about the future of Cheyenne with Mayor-Elect Orr. With her vision that she is establishing for the city so all the departments are working together with Council on a vision to move the city forward in a positive direction.

Chief Kozak says he plans to focus on several goals in the future, leadership, and proper training in the department as well as a proactive approach to more recruitment.