Marian Orr

Cheyenne mayoral candidate Marian Orr invited Cheyenne trick-or-treaters to her house to celebrate Halloween.

“Happy 3,000! I forgot to mention yesterday that this page has topped the 3,000th follower mark (likes) and in just a few short months. Thank you for the tremendous support!

I’m feeling it on the door-to-door trail as well. At one point this afternoon, I went to five houses in a row and the response was the same in each house: “I already voted for you.” Talk about humbling.

And thanks to everyone who stopped by my door last night to Trick-ORR-Treat. I loved seeing everyone. So did our dog (pictured in many of the photos).

Many people today mentioned they’ve seen my new TV commercials. Yes, the ads are on the air and reiterating our message: Needs before Wants. Let’s fix the streets, fix our infrastructure, put more cops on the street, and no Surdam Seventh Penny Tax.

The other thing I keep hearing is how pleased people are that I knocked on the door rather than a surrogate. My answer is always the same: I feel the election is a job interview and citizens aren’t voting for a surrogate — they deserve to question the candidate. That’s why I do what I do.

Sure, it means in order to knock on as many doors as possible, I have to start very early and go late but I welcome the opportunity to answer your questions. As I’ve said, I love going door-to-door.

Remember I’m at the Diamond Horseshoe Cafe every morning from 7am – 9am if you’d like to drop by and talk about the future of Cheyenne. I’d love to hear your concerns and ideas. And, of course, more Door-to-Door-with-Orr tomorrow.”

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Marian Orr

Marian Orr invited trick or treaters to her house for Halloween where she handed out Orr-eos.

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