Photo of Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr and Cheyenne Chief of Police Brian Kozak

Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr on Tuesday appointed Brian Kozak as Chief of Police for Cheyenne.

Kozak currently serves as Chief of Police and Orr said the appointment to the position should be taken as an indication of his accomplishments and his leadership.  Attached are Mayor-Elect Orr’s remarks.

“I am very happy today to announce that I have chosen to reappoint our current Chief of Police Brian Kozak to serve in my administration.

I’ve known Chief Kozak for some time. I got to know him very well during the campaign and always found him to be professional, approachable, likable, but above all, a true leader.

Chief Kozak has done great things for this community.  Type 1 crimes are down 35% from the time he took office.  That’s despite a significant increase in our population and a decrease in the amount of police officers.

You ask anyone in law enforcement.  That’s tough to pull off.  But he’s done it.

Our police department is doing a great job.  You show me a 35 percent reduction in Type 1 crime, a 35 percent reduction in vehicle crashes because of traffic enforcement, and a 50 percent reduction in DUI-related crashes.  And I’ll show you a police department that’s doing great work.

Not only do these statistics show it but remember I know something about police work.  I was married to a police officer for 18 years.  I know how challenging the job can be.  I know how rewarding it can be too.  But when I hear these stats, I can tell you this success is something we all need to recognize.  It’s impressive.  And it happened under the leadership of Chief Kozak.

I know a lot of our officers and they are among the finest men and women who live in our community.  And we should all be very grateful for the work they do.  As mayor, I want every police officer and our police chief — of course — to know that I’ve got their back.

As you know, I made public safety a big part of my campaign.  That’s because public safety kept coming up during my thousands of conversations I had while campaigning for office.

You saw the videos I made where our citizens were afraid because abandoned homes were attracting the criminal element.  Or the video I made discussing how some of our city streets were turning into drag strips at night.

I heard you during the campaign and I’m hearing you now.  So does Chief Kozak.

The chief has done great things with limited resources. I campaigned on putting more cops on the street and I intend to work with the City Council to make that happen.

We have got to retain our best and brightest.  Chief Kozak has been contacted by a number of cities to head up their respective police departments.  I don’t want to see him go.

I don’t want to see Cheyenne be the training ground for the Front Range either.  We have to ensure that our police officers are paid competitively and and they keep up with other departments.

I’m also very impressed with Chief Kozak’s commitment to community outreach.

Under the chief’s administration we’ve seen the creation of the Citizen Advisory Committee, the Citizen Police Academy, Citizens on Patrol, Community events such as the Neighborhood Night Out, and the explorer volunteer program for our youth.

We also saw the Public Safety Center completed on time and under budget.  No small feat.

And we’ve seen continuous technology upgrades, the policy manual has been overhauled, they’ve Implemented required training in high liability areas, such as, use of force, de-escalation, diversity, and emergency driving. And they’ve revised the process for promotion testing.

We need to keep Chief Kozak and I’m very proud to announce that he is the first appointment I am announcing.

Thank you.  Chief Kozak….”