Photo of Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr with Cheyenne firefighters.

Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr on Tuesday congratulated Cheyenne firefighters for their work in successfully battling an industrial fire in south Cheyenne.

Orr visited firefighters Tuesday morning at C.H. Yarber Construction at 4120 W. 5th St where the fire broke out on Monday night.

“More than 30 firefighters were on the scene last night for more than eight hours to put this fire out,” Orr said.  “The temperatures were in the single digits and the wind chill brought the temperature down to well-below zero.”

“We should all be very thankful for the work of our Cheyenne firefighters,” she said. “These men and women put their lives on the line to make it safe for us. Let’s take a moment out of our lives to thank them for what they do.”