September 28, 2016

Marian Orr, Amy Surdam: Cheyenne’s mayoral candidates have first debate

Marian Orr, Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, Amy Surdam

Wyoming Tribune Eagle, September 28, 2016 CHEYENNE – Marian Orr and Amy Surdam staked their positions and fleshed out their differences during the general election season’s first mayoral debate, Tuesday morning at the Little America Hotel and Resort. Sponsored by the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce and moderated by local TV news anchor Anthony Keith, Tuesday’s debate covered a wide …

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August 31, 2016

Marian Orr Will Vote “No” on Seventh-Penny Tax; Will Be Staunch Opponent of Tax Increase

Marian Orr, Cheyenne Children's Museum, Amy Surdam

CHEYENNE—The following is Cheyenne mayoral candidate Marian Orr’s statement on Children’s Museum Executive Director and mayoral candidate Amy Surdam’s successful drive to get the seventh penny tax on the ballot. “I welcome the news of the seventh penny tax going on the ballot to be decided by the voters. “Saying that, I will vote ‘no’ and will be a staunch …

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August 29, 2016

Marian Orr Announces Solution for Hynds Building Gridlock

Marian Orr, Hynds Building, Cheyenne Children's Museum, Stephanie Smith White

CHEYENNE—Cheyenne mayoral candidate Marian Orr on Monday announced a solution to the gridlock in downtown Cheyenne over the future of the Hynds Building. Orr held a press conference late Monday morning to announce that an heir to the late Paul Smith (former hotelier of The Hitching Post) will donate land adjacent to the City of Cheyenne Ice and Events Center …

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August 17, 2016

Marian Orr Wins Cheyenne Mayoral Primary Election (TV-5)

Marian Orr CBS News Channel 5

Cheyenne mayoral candidate Marian Orr was the winner of the primary election on Tuesday evening. Orr received 28 percent of the vote and will head to the general election with Amy Surdam who received 21 percent of the vote. Anthony Keith, CBS News Channel 5 anchor:  Here’s something to think about moving forward to the general election. Cheyenne voters will …

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