December 29, 2016

Marian Orr Announces Cheyenne Inauguration Ceremony and Party Details

Photo of Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr and Eric Singer from The Nacho Men

Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr on Wednesday released a video announcing details of Cheyenne’s upcoming inauguration ceremony and party. “Hi, this is Mayor-Elect Marian Orr. Thank you once again Cheyenne for electing me as your next mayor. I’m cordially inviting you to join me on Tuesday, January 3 at 6pm for the inauguration of the new administration and for our city council …

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December 16, 2016

Marian Orr Announces Appointments; Taps Sylvia Hackl as City Attorney

Photo of Marian Orr (right) and Sylvia Hackl

CHEYENNE—Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr on Friday announced she will appoint Sylvia Hackl as City Attorney. Hackl currently serves as legal counsel for the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. Orr made the announcement Thursday morning in a press conference from her transition office in the city municipal building. “This is a big win for the City of Cheyenne,” Orr said. “Sylvia’s experience …

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December 6, 2016

Mayor-Elect Marian Orr Thanks Cheyenne Firefighters

Photo of Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr with Cheyenne firefighters.

Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr on Tuesday congratulated Cheyenne firefighters for their work in successfully battling an industrial fire in south Cheyenne. Orr visited firefighters Tuesday morning at C.H. Yarber Construction at 4120 W. 5th St where the fire broke out on Monday night. “More than 30 firefighters were on the scene last night for more than eight hours to put …

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November 29, 2016

Mayor-Elect Marian Orr Appoints Brian Kozak as Cheyenne Chief of Police (VIDEO)

Photo of Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr and Cheyenne Chief of Police Brian Kozak

Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr on Tuesday appointed Brian Kozak as Chief of Police for Cheyenne. Kozak currently serves as Chief of Police and Orr said the appointment to the position should be taken as an indication of his accomplishments and his leadership.  Attached are Mayor-Elect Orr’s remarks. “I am very happy today to announce that I have chosen to reappoint …

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November 25, 2016

Marian Orr, first woman mayor of Cheyenne discusses campaign and looks ahead

Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr outside of her transition office.

By Laura Hancock, Casper Star Tribune About four years ago, Cheyenne lobbyist Marian Smith Orr was hired by the Human Rights Campaign, a gay advocacy group, to champion for civil unions and non-discrimination bills in the Wyoming Legislature. Orr, who has represented a number of interests in Cheyenne – from Philip Morris to Pfizer and the Wyoming Outfitters and Guides …

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