Photo of Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr (right) and Jim Voeller.

Marian Orr’s Prepared Remarks for Appointment of Jim Voeller as City Engineer and Planning Services Department

Thank you for coming today.  This marks my second press conference to announce a member of my new administration.

The timing of these press conferences are deliberate.  They coincide with what I campaigned on.  And remember, my campaign was about listening to the people.  The people told me to fix the road, fix our infrastructure, and put more cops on the street.

Last week, I announced that Brian Kozak would remain our Chief of Police because of the

This week, I’m announcing that Jim Voeller will head two departments for the City of Cheyenne.  He will head-up the Planning Services Department and he will be our City Engineer.

I’m not combining the offices but I am putting him in charge of both.  The reason I’m doing this?  Because the departments need to work together.  And they need to share the same vision.  They are very much inter-related.

And when you find someone who has the leadership experience, the management experience, and the private industry experience that can do the job and shares your vision, if you can get ‘em, get ‘em.  And I did.

Jim Voeller, frankly, doesn’t need to work.  He was very successful as the cofounder of AVI Engineering.  He retired.  But he missed his work.  He loves his work.

He was named Interim City Engineer back in July.  I’ve spoken to him many times.  Every time I became more impressed.  I told him what we needed to do.

We need to fix our roads and we need to do it right the first time.  Because that’s what the people of Cheyenne want.  They told me.  We need to fix our infrastructure.  We need to treat Cheyenne business and Cheyenne citizens like they are customers.

I asked him if he could run both departments and change how they do their business.  If he could have the two departments work together.  If he could bring a customer-friendly approach to the departments and if he could thoroughly examine how we’re building roads, fixing roads, and taking care of our infrastructure and then report on it.

We owe it to the public.  For starters, let’s look at our existing roads, how we take care of them, and provide a report.  And then provide recommendations on how to move forward.

We have the right person to lead this effort.  And I’m thrilled that he will play such a central role in my administration.